Update from LPA Design Studios

February 12, 2021
Dear San Antonio Academy Community:
Construction progress continues at a rapid pace at the new facility. The construction team is currently working on the exterior shell of the building. We are focusing on finishing the wall sheathing and roof decks, which are a combination of both metal and wood. Next, the weather barriers and roof insulation will be installed. These steps are crucial for the building to be “dried in” -- the important step when interior finishes can begin to be installed in a temperature controlled environment. The building team is working on approving and finalizing these interior finishes in anticipation of this phase.
Please also keep on the lookout for the installation of the stucco wall finish on the exterior after the weather barrier is completed. An interesting fact: this building will have a three coat integral colored stucco, meaning the paint color is mixed in with the stucco itself instead of surface applied.  This approach will yield a durable and natural appearance fitting for The Academy.
Thank you!
Federico Cavazos AIA, LEED AP
Project Architect
Associate Architecture
LPA Design Studios