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Alumni Awards

Colonel W.T. Bondurant, Sr. Distinguished Humanitarian Award

The Colonel W.T. Bondurant, Sr. Distinguished Humanitarian Award is presented each year by the San Antonio Academy Alumni Council to honor a person who exemplifies the school’s most cherished values: honesty; respect; pride in achievement and service to others. Since 1977, the Alumni Council has honored individuals who exemplify the humanitarian qualities exhibited by Colonel Bondurant, Sr., who served as The Academy’s Head of School from 1927 to 1943 and as a leader in the San Antonio community.

Past Recipients

2018 Scott Petty, Jr. 
2008 Congressman Lamar Smith ’61
1996 Dela White
1987 Brigadier General David Lee “Tex” Hill ’28
2017 Shannon Sedgwick Davis 
2007 Betty Stieren Kelso
1995 The John E. Newman, Sr. Family
1986 Marcus Thurman Barrett, Jr.
2016 Judge Polly Jackson Spencer
2006 Bartell Zachry
1994 Dr. Burton Grossman
1983 Mary Etta McGimsey
2015 Patricia Galt Steves
2004 Kit Goldsbury ’57
1993 Donald B. Harrell and Charles H. Noble ’43
1982 Tom C. Frost ’41
2014 Dennert O. Ware
2002 Dr. James Willerson ’53
1992 Betty Biedenharn
1981 Major General William P. Acker
2013 Harvey Van Cliburn
2001 Belton Kleberg Johnson ’43
1991 B. J. McCombs
1980 H. Ross Perot, Jr.
2012 Dr. Ricardo Romo
1999 Thomas R. Semmes ’56
1990 Mary Nan West and Scott Petty, Sr.
1979 Walter W. McAllister, Sr.
2010 Edith McAllister
1998 Rosemary E. Kowalski
1989 Colonel William T. Bondurant, Jr. ’39
1978 Ambassador Anne L. Armstrong
2009 Samuel Barshop
1997 Dr. Ronald K. Calgaard
1988 Brigadier General Robert F. McDermott
1977 Astronaut David Scott, ’45


Col. W.T. Bondurant, Jr. Oratorical Award

An annual competition sponsored by the English Department, the W.T. Bondurant, Jr. Oratorical Award is presented to a seventh or eighth grade cadet who composes and delivers the best speech judged by the Alumni Council. The winner will present his speech during Chapel in front of students, parents, faculty, staff and special guests.


Past Recipients

2014 - Andrew Hieger  2009 - Parker Brown 2004 - Gibson Gunn
2018 - Connor Davis  2013 - Joe McGrath 2008 - Anthony Kayruz 2003- Anson Howard
2017 - Roan Erwin  2012 - Cooper Noble 2007 - David Rochelle  
2016 - Jack Osterhage 2011 - Dustin Brownlow 2006 - Joseph Labatt  
2015 - John Howard Hassmann  2010 - Dillon Wagner 2005 - Warren Spencer  


Distinguished Alumni Award

The Col. W.T. Bondurant, Jr. Distinguished Alumnus Award was created in 2007 to honor SAA Alumni who exemplify The Academy’s values of be honest, be kind, be the best you can be.

Past Recipients  

2018 Dr. Guillermo Rocha '79 2014 Judge Richard Price '76 2010 John E. Newman '61
2017 Phillip Leggett '67  2013 Charles H. Noble, Jr. '43 & Edward H. Austin, Jr. '55 2009 Blair Labatt '61 & John Steen '63
2016 Mark Johnson '60 2012 Dr. Light T. Cummins '29 2008 Tom Frost '41  & Jesse H. Oppenheimer '31
2015 Dr. Arturo Bonilla '76 2011 John H. White, Jr. '61 2007 Brigadier General David Lee "Tex" Hill  '28 (posthumous)  & Colonel W.T. Bondurant, Jr. '39


Honorary Alumnus

The Alumni Council bestowed the title of Honorary Alumnus to John Webster, Drew Kennedy, Barry Bradley and Luisa Bolen for their years of service and dedication to San Antonio Academy and its students. In addition to receiving a special plaque at the Alumni/8th grade luncheon, each were presented a diploma from San Antonio Academy during Commencement.


2009 - John Webster, the previous Head of School, was honored for his 25 (now 32) years of service and dedication to The Academy.  



           2011 - "Prof." Drew Kennedy, Associate Head of SAA, pictured with Tom Bondurant '63 was honored for his 40 years of service and dedication to The Academy. 



2012 - Faculty member, Barry Bradley, pictured with Brian Steward '79 was honored for his 35 years of service and dedication to The Academy.



     2015  - Faculty member, Sra. Luisa Bolen, pictured with Joseph Shields '05 and Lex Stuart '05 was honored for her 26 years of service and dedication to The Academy.