Special Events at The Academy FAQs

Fall Family Fair & Blue & White Unite... What are these events?

Fall Family Fair is a family-centered event where Academy parents, students, grandparents, alumni, and friends gather for an evening of old-fashioned family fun. Rides, games, a children’s auction, silent auction, food booths and spectacular raffle are all a part of this celebration on the third Saturday in October. Fall Family Fair is held on the campus grounds of San Antonio Academy.

Blue & White Unite (previously known as Spring Thing) grew out of the desire for Academy adults – parents, grandparents, alumni and friends – to spend an evening developing their school relationships in a casual and social atmosphere. Blue & White Unite is typically held in March and features both Live and Silent Auctions.

Each year the Event Chairpersons choose a unique theme for their event. Both fundraisers contribute greatly to the overall school fund, helping to retain the best teachers and keep the school small so that each child is known, valued and understood.

What are the Goals for the Events?

Build Relationships

From planning to clean-up, and all the fun in between these events strive to strengthen the relationship between Academy parents, students, teachers, grandparents, alumni and friends. 

Raise Money

The funds raised are a significant benefit to the school.  

Where does the money go?

All money raised at the Fall Family Fair and Blue & White Unite goes into the Annual Fund and directly supports the operations of the school. The Annual Fund helps meet the many needs of our growing school and offset steep increases in tuition.

Who Coordinates and Organizes Fall Family Fair and Blue & White Unite?

The Auctions are the organized efforts of the Development Office and SAA Parent Volunteers. Each event is headed by the Committee Chairmen who selects a team of Parent volunteers to head various Committees dedicated to each aspect of the events such as Staging Committee, Decorations, Food and Beverage, and so on. Finally, it is the work of numerous individual parents and community members which is essential in making our Events a success.

We need YOU to make this event a success. 

What is the history of our Auctions?

San Antonio Academy began its tradition of celebrating an evening of old-fashioned family fun in 1986 on the 100th anniversary of the school. The Committee Chairs, Marion Jeffers and Suzanne Armstrong, organized the Silent Auction with 46 items listed including dinners, original artwork, home decor and many other exciting items. By 2005, with the Mission: Possible theme led by Beth & Charlie Plummer and Karen Lee & David Zachry, the auction had grown to more than 200 items including week-long getaways, Spurs tickets, classroom projects created by Academy students, and the opportunity to spend a day with the Mayor of San Antonio. While Fall Family Fair was enjoying success as the premier family event, many San Antonio Academy parents wanted an adult evening with dinner, dancing and live music. 

In 1997 Elizabeth & Happy Rogers chaired the first Spring Thing (now known as Blue & White Unite) event. It was such a success that it has become the much looked forward to event for SAA parents to kick up their heels and help raise funds for our school. As Fall Family Fair and Blue & White Unite have grown through the years, they have also strengthened our Academy family and community ties.

Are tickets required for these events? How can I get them?

Fall Family Fair is free to attend and everyone is encouraged to come join the fun. Tickets are required for Food & Drinks and the Games & Activities. These tickets can only be purchased at the Fair at one of the several ticket booths located on campus that evening. Blue & White Unite requires reservations be made in advance. There are a number of ways to make your reservations for the event. Academy parents, alumni, grandparents and friends will receive an invitation in the mail approximately one month in advance of the Event.  Reservations can also be made through the Development Office in the Franklin House or online.

How do I view the Auction Catalog(s)?

Auction catalogs can be picked up at the Development Office in the Franklin House approximately one week prior to the event or viewed online at our website approximately 1 month in advance of the event. 

How can I help or make a Donation?

Make a donation 

Many items are needed for the auction. Trips, restaurant certificates, products and services, family outings and special experiences are all popular auction items. 

Contribute your time 

Many hands are needed to make the auction a very success! Every bit of input is important!