We are the Wildcats!

"Honoring our Tradition... Investing in the Future" 

Thanks to over 200 donors, in just three years, The Academy’s endowment campaign raised $10.2 million for endowment.Endowment operates like an investment account keeping the school strong for future generations. Each year the school draws income from the endowment – 4% of the twelve-month average. That income supplements the operating budget, taking pressure off tuition. The need for endowment is on-going at The Academy.

San Antonio Academy has an Investment Policy which ensures the most effective investment and spending activities.

SAA’s key endowment priorities are:

Teaching Excellence

Supplements faculty salaries, which enable The Academy to attract and retain the best teachers in San Antonio

Supports continuous educational opportunities for faculty

Scholarship Endowment Funds

Allow The Academy to continue to enroll a diverse student body and provide need-based assistance to students

Technology Endowment

Provides timely hardware and infrastructure upgrades, new software programs and teacher training to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology

Campus Endowment

Provides flexibility and capability in doing what needs to be done to enhance learning environments and beautify the buildings and grounds for present and future generations

General Endowment

Allows the Board and staff flexibility to respond to new opportunities and challenges