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Cowboy Breakfast 2024

Friday, January 26, 2024  |  7:00-8:00 AM
SAA Campus - 117 E. French Place

san antonio academy cowboy breakfast

Attire: Western Wear

Don your Stetson and boots, saddle up, and mosey on over for a genuine old-fashioned Western breakfast with all yer' pardners. The Class of 2024 will host and are sure to entertain you as they stoke the campfire and serve boot scootin' tacos, biscuits with gravy, and pipin' hot chocolate. (Don't be late cuz there's no more gub after 8!)

SAA's annual Cowboy Breakfast is all about the crowd gatherin' together. It's an SAA family event, so be sure to invite your grandparents, family, and friends to enjoy a crisp Texas morning and help the 8th graders raiser money for their goal. The proceeds from the event will go toward the Class of 2024 gift, which will be presented to the school from the 8th graders in the spring.


Yee-haw, partner! Advance reservations for Cowboy Breakfast are currently closed. Check back soon for ticket info!

Cowboy Breakfast 2023 Photo Gallery

2023 Cowboy Breakfast