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Giving Levels in Honor of

Col. W.T. Bondurant, Sr.

Col. Bondurant Sr.

"Academy men have achieved a high degree of success because they were early tutored in what morality, integrity, patriotism, brotherhood, and love of God mean, and at the same time they have been taught to dare to do great things if they believed in something's greatness. It is holding to these things, not just the idle dreams of tomorrow, that has made their lives and their communities richer."

Leadership Level


Col. W.T. Bondurant, Jr. '39

Col. Bondurant Jr.

"The joy is watching these little guys come in kinder and then, years later, watching them walk across the stage and graduate…and just knowing that you were a part of it. Great teaching is love. Love is that which gaineth love."

Brotherhood Level


Dr. William B. Seeley

Dr. Seeley

"My ambition was to make the school noted for the strength of its teaching, the quality of its work, and the records made by its students in the great universities...Those who have followed the work of our Alumni in the colleges and in after-life, do not need to be told how thoroughly The Academy proved its right to an honored place among the best schools of our country."

Scholarship Level


Giving Society Benefits

  Leadership ($5,000) Brotherhood ($3,500) Scholarship ($1,886)
1886 Pre-Game Reception
SAA Soirée 4 Reservations 2 Reservations  
Head of School Holiday Gathering    

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