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We are the Wildcats!

Engaging Through Music

The Academy's Music Program offers broad, hands-on musical experiences, with training and live performance opportunities in voice, movement and instruments. Our goal is to make music learning fun, practical and stimulating as we seek to develop each boy’s abilities, enjoyment, knowledge, and appreciation of music.  

SAA choir performs at Spurs Game

Led by Music Director, Owen Duggan, the San Antonio Concert Choir performs during a Spurs game 

Primary School 

Primary School Music Performance

Primary school students in prekindergarten through second grade attend two music classes per week. These sessions include creative movement, critical listening, and singing and instrumental activities designed to develop basic music skills, concepts and vocabulary. Each month a new composer is studied with life stories and major works highlighted. Primary students present three musical performances each year, two in the fall and one in the spring.

Upper School

Upper School Music Performance

Upper School students in grades three through six participate in one forty-five minute class each week. Here the foundations laid in the Primary program are reinforced and expanded to include higher level vocal and instrumental performance skills as well as more sophisticated studies of composer and their works. Melodic and rhythmic tracking and reading, ear-training, creative movement, composition, solo and group singing opportunities are offered. Fourth and fifth grade students receive instruction on playing the recorder, and fifth graders also focus on hand bell techniques. Students in grades two through five attend one student-oriented symphony concert during the academic year. Sixth grade students are offered a Garage Band elective and performance opportunity. Both Primary and Upper school music students present a Holiday Program in December and a Mother's Day Concert in May.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir rehearses before show

In addition, select boys from grades three through eight are invited to join the San Antonio Academy Concert Choir. These singers perform in both school and community settings. The SAA Concert Choir rehearses one morning each week after chapel, with additional rehearsals as needed prior to concerts.

Music is the art that keeps on giving. It allows us to speak to each other with or without words, expressing our hopes and aspirations for a better world, and for being the best we can be.

 - Dr. Owen Duggan, SAA teacher, conductor, performer, and composer