Uniform Guidelines

Upper School Uniform Guidelines


All third through eighth grade boys (see guidelines for Primary boys in panel below) must wear one of several military uniforms on a daily basis, as prescribed in the Parents’ Club calendar (also see uniform inspection dates in panel below). In requiring that cadets wear identical, well-kept uniforms and maintain a specific standard of grooming, the military program also reinforces two cardinal principles that have served as part of the institution’s philosophical foundation: pride in personal appearance is a precursor to pride in performance; and all SAA boys are intrinsically equal.



  Daily Khaki Uniform: 

•  Black, polished, lace-up shoes; black, calf-length (no ankle length or low-cut) dress socks without logos

•  Khaki trousers

•  Black web belt with brass buckle (white belt for 8th grade cadets)

•  Academy t-shirt with short-sleeved, khaki shirt with:
  • Polished round SAA brass collar ornament on right collar
  • Round crossed-rifles brass collar ornament on left collar
  • Nameplate on flap of right shirt pocket (centered, with top edge aligned with inside top seam, and shirt material smooth and flat beneath)
  • Flat black rank insignia are worn on the left and right collars in lieu of the SAA brass and crossed rifles once rank has been achieved


Camouflage Fatigue Uniform: 

•  Athletic shoes (no cleats); white athletic socks, fatigue trousers

•  Black web belt (white belt for eighth grade cadets)

•  White Academy t-shirt or SAA Fall Family Fair t-shirt

Drill Blue Uniform: 

•  Black, polished, lace-up shoes; plain black, calf-length (no ankle-length or lo-cut) dress socks without logos

•  Blue issue trousers with black web belt with brass buckle (white belt for eighth grade cadets)

•  Plain white t-shirt (NOT SAA t-shirt with school seal or any other logo or print); issue, dress blue, long sleeve shirt with:        
  • Polished brass rank insignia on the left and right collars (polished round SAA brass collar ornament on right collar and polished round crossed-rifles brass collar ornament on left collar before rank has been achieved)
  •  Nameplate on flap of right shirt pocket (centered, with top edge aligned with inside top seam, and shirt material smooth and flat beneath)  
  • Red-white-and-blue braid on right shoulder (yellow braid for eighth grade cadets)        
  • Award ribbons centered over and resting upon top edge of left shirt pocket 

•  Plain black necktie

•  Dress saucer hat 

Dress Blue Uniform:

•  Black, polished, lace-up shoes; plain black, calf-length (no ankle-length or lo-cut) dress socks without logos

•  Blue issue trousers with black web belt with brass buckle (white belt for eighth grade cadets)

•  Plain white t-shirt (NOT SAA t-shirt with school seal or any other logo or print); plain white, long-sleeve dress shirt (NO button-down collars, colored buttons, or cuff links)

•  Issue dress blue jacket with:

  • Nameplate on flap of right chest pocket (centered, with top edge aligned with inside top seam, and shirt material smooth and flat beneath)
  • Polished brass ranks centered on both epaulets
  • Polished round SAA brass collar ornament centered on upper right lapel and polished round crossed rifles brass collar ornament centered on upper left lapel (with apparent horizontal alignment when jacket is being worn)
  • School shields centered on lower lapels with apparent horizontal alignment with center of lapel        
  • Red-white-and-blue braid on right shoulder (yellow braid for eighth grade cadets)        
  • Awards centered over top edge of left jacket pocket
  • Academic stars are worn on the right sleeve of the jacket. Place the first star approximately two finger widths up from the black braid. Additional stars are worn 1 finger width's distance from the previous star.

•  Plain black necktie

•  Dress saucer hat

Black Uniform Shoes:

Shoes for the khaki and blue uniforms must be black, leather, lace-up, plain-toe, low-quarter style, and polishable with normal black paste or cream polish. Suede, corfam, patent leather, and other synthetic or natural fiber shoes and boots are not acceptable with either the khaki or blue uniforms. Uniform shoes must be kept polished and in good repair at all times;  shoes with holes, seams pulled apart or coming unstitched, soles or heels coming unglued and/or unstitched, missing, frayed or wrong length shoe laces must be repaired or replaced at the first opportunity but no later than one week following the occurrence of the damage. Also, “permanent” or paint-on “polishes” or other shining agents may not be used. Depending on daily scuffing and wear, shoes may need to be polished several times per week or even daily. Note: The only authorized black, athletic-style shoes (for use with the khaki uniform only) are sold in the Uniform Store.

Khaki Trousers:

Since one of the purposes of our uniform is to ensure the uniformity of the dress code, the only authorized khaki trousers are sold in the Uniform Store. Students may not wear trousers of any different style, color, or other characteristic.

Ribbons, Medals, and Other Awards:

Ribbons must be worn with the Drill Blue Uniform, neatly centered over, aligned with, and resting upon the top edge of the left shirt pocket; ribbons must be neatly and symmetrically arranged in rows of three.  Either medals or ribbons, but not both, must be worn with the Dress Blue Uniform. If ribbons are worn, they must be arranged above the left jacket pocket, as described above for the Drill Blue Uniform. If medals are worn, no more than six are authorized to be worn on the dress blue jacket without permission of the Commandant. Medals and ribbons are authorized to be worn together only by the members of the eighth grade class at Commencement. Medals may not be placed on the back or on the sleeves of the dress blue jacket during commencement or at any other time. Authorization to wear other pins and awards is at the discretion of the Commandant.

Uniform Schedule:

The annual uniform schedule is listed in the Parents’ Club School Calendar. Changes to the uniform schedule, as dictated by weather and events, will be announced in advance.

Unauthorized Uniform Modifications:

Modifications to the uniforms described at the beginning of this section without prior approval from the Commandant are unauthorized. Specifically, this precludes the use of metal taps on shoes and wearing unauthorized amulets, chains, necklaces, earrings, medallions, or other jewelry, boots, berets, scarves, unauthorized patches and cords, etc. Exceptions will be granted on an individual basis as per demonstrated need.


Students are expected to keep their hair clean, short, and neat. Hair will be off the ears and above the collar, and the length will be such that a student’s bangs cannot be combed below the level of the eyebrows. Novelty haircuts and extreme modifications to traditional haircuts (including hair coloring and a shaved head) are not permitted unless approved by the Commandant or the Head of School.

Guideline Charts & Images

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Uniforms & Supply List

All uniforms and most uniform accessories may be purchased at the Academy’s Uniform Store. Items on the following list not sold at the Uniform Store are listed below with asterisks (*).
1 Coat, dress blue
1 Trousers, dress blue
Shirt, dress white, long sleeves (no button-down collar)
1 Shirt, drill blue, long sleeves
2 or 3 Shirt, khaki, short sleeves
2 or 3  Trousers, khaki
1 Camouflage trousers
1 Black, four-in-hand tie
1 Dress saucer hat
1 cord, citation  (red-white-and-blue)
1 Emblem for dress saucer hat
1 SAA school patches sewn on shirt
2 SAA crest, red-white-and-blue
1 Pair of SAA ornaments, round
1 Pair of rifle ornaments, round, infantry
2 Belt, web, black (white for eighth graders) with brass buckle/tab)
Pair lace-up shoes, black, low-quarter style (daily)
1 Pair dress lace-up shoes (worn w/ drill and dress blues)
1 Pair of athletic shoes*
5 Pairs of socks, plain black, calf length (no logos or other designs)*
3 Pair of socks, white, athletic (SAA socks optional)
5 or 6  SAA t-shirt, white with blue emblem
2 SAA shorts, blue with white emblem. gym
1 Undershirt, plain white*
1 Jacket, outer, light*
1 Bag, gym
1 Bag, book* (this item is supplied by your teacher)
1 Pair of gloves, white, cotton (8th graders only) 


The student's name should be written on all articles of clothing, gym bags, and book bags. 

Uniform Store Price List

Price Lists are currently being updated and will be posted soon. 

Uniform Guidelines for PRIMARY

Welcome to SAA! As you know, your son will wear a uniform during his time at SAA. Below is a breakdown of the Primary Uniform, as well as a Size Chart.

Daily Uniform (worn 4 to 5 days a week)
White San Antonio Academy T-shirt (available with short or long sleeves)
Blue Uniform Shorts, Navy Blue Uniform Sweatpants, OR His own classic 5-pocket blue jeans

Friday Uniform (worn 1 day a week)
White SAA T-shirt or Fall Family Fair T-shirt (Fall Family Fair T-shirt can be purchased through the Development office during Back-to-School week), with camo shorts or pants. Primary boys may wear their own camo pants and shorts. Camo pants are also available for purchase in the uniform store.

AFTER the Fall Family Fair in October, your son may wear any San Antonio Academy T-shirt with his camo shorts or pants.

Tennis shoes and white socks.

Uniform Item Available Sizes 

 Short Sleeved T-Shirt  Youth Small - Adult XL
 (Youth Small= 6/8; Youth Med=10/12; Youth Large=14/16)
 Long Sleeved T-Shirt   Youth Small - Adult M
 Blue Primary Shorts  4, 5/6, 8, 10/12, 14
 Navy Blue Sweatshirt  Youth Small - Adult Small
 Navy Blue Sweatpants  Youth Small - Adult Small
 Camo Pants  Youth 6 - Adult XL

How many will you need?

You will need more than one set of the daily uniform, but only one pair of camos. If you purchase more than you need, you may return any uniform pieces that are not washed, worn, or written on for a full refund. Many times the frequency with which laundry is done each week determines the number of uniforms purchased (Three - Four sets, on average).

Pre-K and Kinder parents, you will need a "back-up" uniform set of the SAA white T-shirt and blue shorts to keep in the class for accidents. I advise you to size up for the back-up, as your son may not need it, and you can have a uniform ready to go for the following year. Take this into account when ordering.

Uniform Ordering Information:

If you would like to order your uniforms ahead of time you can place your order online. The Uniform Store, located in Stribling House, is also open Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:30-4 pm.

Contact Jennifer Colglazier, Uniform Store Director


Award, Medals & Ribbon Descriptions


Athletic team ribbons are presented to students who played on SAA athletic teams.

Presidential ACADEMIC Fitness Awards (pins and certificates) are presented to fifth AND eighth graders who: 
• Earn an overall grade point average of at least 90; AND 
• Score at the 90th percentile or higher in math OR reading on last year’s Stanford Achievement Test.

Scholastic Stars are awarded to students who have achieved 5 Dean's Lists or 5 Honor Rolls or Some Combination of 5 on both Dean's Lists and Honor Rolls. 


Each discipline of the program presents medals: 

*Please note that there may be additional medals given within the individual departments, not shown below. Medals may also change from year to year. 

Language Arts Dept. - English 


History Department - Social Studies 

Language Arts Dept. - Spelling 


History Department - World Cultures

Math Department 

Science Department 

Physical Education 

Spanish Department 

To receive an end-of-the-year Academic Achievement Award a student should:

• Have an overall A average for the year
• Demonstrate a positive attitude
• Respond well to constructive criticism
• Take initiative
• Work well with a group
• Work independently
• Contribute in a meaningful way to class discussion
• Demonstrate higher level thinking
Field Awards and Special Awards are also presented every year during Commencement. 



Alamo Guard Medals are presented to students who serve as special Honor Guard at the Alamo during the Battle of the Flowers parade. 

Debate Medal 

Library Medals are presented to those students who have shown special dedication to the library and helping the librarians.  

No Demerits Medals are presented by the Headmaster to each students who does not receive a demerit during the school year.

Young Astronauts Medal  

 Big Brother of the Year Award

Community Service Medal 

Storytelling Medal 

Paw Print Staff Medal 

Safety Patrol Medals are earned by students who, on a regular basis, assist the primary teachers with morning carpool.  

Bluebonnet Yearbook Staff 

Living Legacy Medal - this medal is presented to students who participate in the community service project at Chandler House.  

Music Medals are presented to students who participate in various musical groups.  

Recycling Team Medal  

Top Merit winners in each grade earn a medal and the second place student in each grade earns a ribbon (shown below as Student Merits, Second Place).  

Other medals not pictured: Art, Chess, Drama, and Geography & Spelling Bee (Winners and second place runner-ups receive medals). 


2 Dean's List In a Row

 Best Drill Company

Merit Ribbon 

Sports Ribbon

 Top Academic Company

Other ribbon(s) not pictured:  Good Conduct.

Best Company Appearance , By Semester 

High Point Company

Best Personal Appearance, Second Place 

 National Fitness Ribbon

Primary Music

Top Drill Cadet, Second Place

Best Company Appearance 

Best Individual Company, By Semester

 Best Platoon

 Primary Reading

 Student Merits, Second Place