New Sport & Spirit Apparel Partnership

The San Antonio Athletics Department is excited to announce that we have committed to a partnership with the sports apparel store Vivroux, and the adidas brand. Located in Alamo Heights, Vivroux has outfitted the SAA community for many years, and so is a natural fit for our families. 

The affiliation will create numerous opportunities including consolidating all coaching apparel, varsity uniforms, and sport T-shirts. This strategic move will also positively impact San Antonio Academy’s image as we will incorporate upgraded Wildcat logo(s) and word marks that update our brand. See below.

In addition to our sport and spirit wear apparel available to purchase online during a seasonal basis (Back-to-School Day, Winter and Spring), Vivroux offers shelf space in its Alamo Heights store for SAA these items so that parents, alumni, grandparents and any SAA fan has an additional option to purchase items.  This added benefit will greatly strengthen our school’s value and visibility. 

We will implement the new branding beginning with our coaches, basketball and lacrosse uniforms, and over time, incorporate the updates to our additional team and sport-related items.  

We look forward to working with Vivroux to help us move the Athletics Department to the next level.