Welcome, 8th Grade Parents! 

You've made it! Whether your son has been here for 10 years or just for one, 8th grade is a special year at San Antonio Academy. Each cadet will grow more in 8th grade as a person than any other year at The Academy.  

As an eighth grade parent, there are new responsibilities for you and your son. To help navigate this journey, we've created a spot where you can access various resources:

8th Grade Class Representatives:Cris Bregman / Julie Peeler

Yearbook and Class Ring


High School Transcripts and Teacher Recommendations

In ten months our 8th graders will graduate from SAA, and in twelve months they will enter high school.
When your son applies to high school, The Academy will forward transcripts and teacher recommendations. Please give all teacher recommendations and transcript request forms directly to Peggy Klein, who organizes the packets and tracks recommendation forms to ensure that they are filed on time. I ask that you give Peggy at least seven days of advance notice so that we can produce this important information on time. Each packet is pretty inclusive, with a copy of your son's transcript, test scores, teacher recommendations, the current 8th grade report card and a cover letter.
In addition, please inform Peggy Klein when your son will be visiting high schools so that he will not be marked absent. We prefer that the boys visit high schools on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If your son visits a high school, he is expected to turn in all assignments before the end of the day to either the teacher(s) or the Main Office, and he is responsible for any work assigned on that day that is due on subsequent days.

Please note: If your son is taking the ISEE, we would like a copy for our records. Please instruct your son to fill in our name as one of the schools designated to receive a copy (you get six free copies) and please forward a copy to us when you receive the scores. Since the ISEE is very different from the Standardized Achievement Test, feel free to call Gary Marvin to learn how to interpret the scores.

High School Transition 

There are many dates and deadlines to help prepare your son for high school, including the decision where to send him and various scholarship opportunities. You are invited to "Choosing the Right High School" held Wednesday, Sept. 15
San Antonio is a test site for the Independent Schools Entrance Examination (ISEE). The ISEE Test is designed for students in grades five through eleven who may be interested in admission to local or regional independent schools. St. Mary's Hall and TMI require that their students take the ISEE test and other local private schools, such as Central Catholic High School, administer their own testing. 

The ISEE test will be offered at San Antonio Academy on the dates listed below. Registration for the tests close 2-3 weeks before the test date. SAA is only a test site, and not responsible for registration; students register directly with the testing agency: ISEE . If you have any questions, please contact Gary Marvin (ISEE Test Administrator).

ISEE Test Dates at SAA 
  • October 9, 2021
  • December 11, 2021
  • January 29, 2022

Committees and Events

Each event committee has a chair or two who, along with the class reps, will lead the event to completion. Each committee is also open to as many volunteers who would like to be involved. Everyone (parents and boys) work a shift at the Haunted House and at the Cowboy Breakfast to keep these events successful. After this, please consider being generous with your time and talent for other committees, too.
For questions or to join a committee, please contact Cris Bregman.



8th Grade Photos

2021 8th Grade Leadership Retreat



  • Back-to-School Day (8/13)
  • Back-to-School Party (8/15)


  • Parent Night Open House (9/1)
  • Senior Pictures (9/7)
  • TMI Episcopal Presentation (9/7)
  • "Choosing the Right High School" (9/15)


  • Leadership Retreat (10/5-10/6)
  • ISEE Testing (10/9)
  • Fall Family Fair - Haunted House (10/16)
  • SAA Dance


  • Alumni vs. 8th Grade Basketball Game (11/10)
  • Veterans Day Pass in Review (11/12)
  • Thanksgiving Break (11/22-11/26)


  • 8th grade class photo (12/10)
  • ISEE Testing (12/11)
  • Holiday Party (12/12)
  • Teacher Gift Giving (12/13-12/17)
  • Winter Break (12/20-12/31)


  • Cowboy Breakfast (1/28)
  • ISEE Testing (1/29)


  • Shakespeare Play (2/9-2/10)
  • SAA Dance (2/11)


  • Spring Break (3/7-3/11)
  • Senior Trip (3/24-3/26)
  • Blue and White Unite (3/24)


  • King Antonio Pass in Review (4/5)
  • Alamo Guard (4/8)
  • Military Ball (4/23)


  • Field Day (5/6)
  • 8th Grade Debate (5/11)
  • Teacher Gift Giving (5/16-18)
  • White Belt Ceremony (5/19)
  • End-of-Year Party (5/19)
  • Class Gift Ceremony (TBD)
  • Graduation (5/20)