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Recycling Reminders


1. Please flatten all boxes to the best of your ability.

2. Take your flattened boxes and place them by the gate to the left of the refectory doors.  

Just lay them right there and they will eventually get broken down further and put in the toters behind the gate.

3. Do not attempt to stuff the cardboard boxes into the big toters on your own. Toters outside the gate are used for the paper that comes from the classrooms and offices that we collect in the small blue recycling bins. This wastes space, and since we pay for our recycling service,  wasted space + wasted money. 

4. No plastic, sorry. Please make sure you empty any packing material from boxes.


Collect your unwanted PLASTIC pens,  markers, and mechanical pencils in any receptacle in your room (e.g. box, plastic bin, coffee can, etc.).

Once your container fills up, simply get the contents to Ms. Baumgardner and she will ship them off!