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The "Joining Oath"

October 18, 2020: Upon the order of the Commandant to "Join Your Companies!” the newest cadets at San Antonio Academy crossed the “Blue Line” to begin the next phase of their lives.
So starts a new tradition at San Antonio Academy where new cadets, backed by alumni, take an oath to do their best and begin their journey towards excellence. At the end of their journey, as 8th graders, they will then be asked at their final formation if they are prepared to depart the cadet ranks. At that time they will re-cross the “Blue Line”, symbolically having completed and excelled at the most challenging leader development, and educational experience there is for an elementary and middle school boy.   

SAA parents have given us our most precious possession, their sons, and they ask of us only one thing: educate them, lead them well, and develop boys of character. That is the purpose and goal of San Antonio Academy’s Leadership Program.
The Joining Oath our newest cadets take is as follows.
“I promise to do my best. To be a good student and to maintain the uniform standards and traditions of San Antonio Academy. And I promise to be honest, to be kind, to be the best I can be.”