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Fine Arts

Creating Confidence Through Art, Music, and Stage

Dedicated to bringing out the very best in each student’s abilities so every young man can find his noble purpose.


SAA Art Class

The Art Program opens the eyes of our students to the influence and power of imagination and creativity in the world. SAA art students learn the fundamental skills and concepts of art, in addition to art history and lives of famous artists.


Holiday Concert

The Academy's Music Program offers broad, hands-on musical experiences, with training and live performance opportunities in voice, movement and instruments. Our goal is to make music learning fun, practical and stimulating as we seek to develop each boy’s abilities, enjoyment, knowledge, and appreciation of music.  


Shakespeare Play

At San Antonio Academy boys learn to demonstrate poise and confidence and express themselves clearly and expressively as a result of the numerous opportunities they have to perform in front of an audience.

Because performance and public speaking is an integral part for every grade-level, boys experience prolonged and comprehensive exposure to skills that enhance the development of poise, confidence and rhetorical assurance."– Brendan Moore, English & Literature Teacher