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devine acres farm

Devine Acres Farm

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

944 FM 2200 W
Devine, TX 78016

Devine Acres Farm field trips offer educational sessions on seasonal agriculture and ample time and space for children to indulge in their favorite activity: play! Our boys will discover the perfect blend of learning and fun at Devine Acres, where they can thrive and make lasting memories.


Our kindergartners will explore Devine Acres Farm, cultivating early scholarship as they learn about farm life, animals, and the cycle of planting and harvesting through hands-on experiences and educational activities.


Engaging in farm-related tasks and activities, the kindergartners will have opportunities to develop leadership skills by working collaboratively, making decisions, and taking on responsibilities within the farm setting.


Exploring the farm environment and interacting with animals will instill a sense of integrity in our kindergartners, fostering respect for nature, animals, and the importance of caring for living beings.


Through shared farm adventures and collaborative play, our kindergartners will form early bonds of brotherhood, experiencing the joy of teamwork and cooperation as they navigate the various farm activities together.

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