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6th Grade
The Outdoor School

The Outdoor School at Camp Champions

Thursday & Friday, May 2 & 3, 2024

775 Camp Rd
Marble Falls, TX 78654

The Outdoor School was created in 1996 at Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX, and has been providing experiential education field trips for students throughout Texas ever since. The unique blend of education, growth opportunities, and fun designed into the program makes The Outdoor School an extremely rewarding trip for educators and students.


Our 6th graders will immerse themselves in nature at Camp Champions, engaging in hands-on outdoor activities that promote ecological awareness, wildlife observation, and team-based learning, fostering a scholarly appreciation for the natural world.


Amidst the wilderness, our 6th graders will have unique opportunities to develop leadership skills through outdoor challenges, team-building activities, and collaborative experiences, encouraging them to take on responsibilities and lead their peers in the great outdoors.


Exploring the ecosystems and participating in outdoor adventures will instill a sense of integrity in our 6th graders, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct, responsible stewardship of the environment, and respectful interactions with fellow classmates.


The 6th-grade overnight trip to Camp Champions will strengthen the bonds of brotherhood as students navigate outdoor challenges together, share in the excitement of activities, and build lasting connections through the unique experiences of Outdoor School.

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