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1st Grade
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LiggettVille Adventure Center

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024

849 E Commerce St, Suite 425
San Antonio, TX 78205

Our 1st graders will experience the excitement at LiggettVille Adventure Center, an indoor amusement park that showcases exhilarating high ropes courses, zip rails, climbing walls, and more! Our boys will get active and make lasting memories while challenging themselves at Texas’ tallest indoor ropes course! The boys will explore the heart-pumping bi-level Sky Trail® ropes course with a Sky Rail® zip rail sitting at heights up to 35 feet or the Sky Tykes® course, which is positioned 3’ off the ground and designed specifically for small children. We will pair the course with the Clip ‘n Climb® walls for a fresh take on climbing.


Our boys are set for an educational journey at LiggettVille, where the thrilling ropes course and indoor climbing wall will not only provide physical activity but also spark curiosity about the principles of balance and coordination.


Scaling the heights of the indoor climbing wall and navigating the ropes course, our 1st graders will have the chance to develop leadership skills by supporting and encouraging their peers, fostering teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.


As our 1st graders conquer challenges on the ropes course, they will learn the importance of integrity and fair play, understanding the value of honesty and cooperation in successfully completing the course.


Participating in the adventurous activities at LiggettVille Adventure Center, our 1st graders will build bonds of brotherhood, sharing in the excitement and overcoming obstacles together on the climbing wall and ropes course, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among classmates.

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