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Character Education

The Academy is a school where boys can be boys while learning how to be compassionate leaders. Character Education is embedded throughout the day through chapel talks, leadership opportunities, public speaking and meetings, with reinforcement provided by the Counseling and Wellness Program.

Central to our students' character and leadership development is the daily reinforcement and upholding of our school motto: Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be. 

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Morning Chapel

Otherwise known as "the way we begin each day," school starts with chapel at 8 AM each morning in Ellison Hall, where boys raise their hands to salute the flag, and lift their voices to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Chapel has been an integral part of SAA since its beginning. The talks are given by the Head of School, teachers, alumni, coaches, and 8th grade students, and incorporate life lessons based on the Four Pillars from our Portrait of an Academy Boy: Scholarship, Leadership, Integrity, and Brotherhood. These talks are often supplemented with movie clips and music videos as reinforcement to the speaker's message. 



The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is well-loved at The Academy and gives the "big boys" an opportunity to be leaders and role models for the younger boys. It begins with Pre-Kindergarten students being paired with 5th grade boys and Kindergarten with 6th graders. The buddy pairs are seated together at lunch, and buddy activities are incorporated throughout the year.

Annual buddy events include:

  • Reindeer Games where 6th graders join their kindergarten buddies in holiday games and snacks
  • Tour de L'Academy Bike Race where 7th graders attend to cheer on and encourage their 1st grade buddy
  • Pals & Popsicles where 2nd grade gets to spend one last day of fun before his 8th grade buddy graduates


Counseling and Wellness

The Counseling and Wellness Program at The Academy supports the boys and their families. Currently it consists of the counselor and the SEL Coordinator. They incorporate programs into the school such as "Brain Break Olympics," lunch bunches, small group sessions and one-on-one counseling on an as-needed basis. Additionally, a speaker series is overseen by this department to provide helpful information to families and to the boys.

Counseling and Wellness