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Curriculum & Programs

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Learning at The Academy

San Antonio Academy’s curriculum is driven by our mission to offer an exceptional education intentionally crafted for boys, Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. We do this through a culture built with our four core values: scholarship, leadership, integrity, and brotherhood. The mission and values are seen in everything we do at SAA, including our curricular program.

Our curriculum provides a strong foundation of academic skills. Students study reading, language arts, social studies, math, science and foreign language. Fine arts, music, integrated technology, library/research skills, and physical education broaden their perspective. We believe that a good education should teach students to solve problems; to express themselves clearly, correctly and cogently; and to become task-committed and self-disciplined.

Primary School

Primary School Student

The Primary School program is created using our understanding of the developmental sequence of boys and teaching strategies proven to be beneficial for boys’ learning. Students take courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, outdoor education, and Spanish language, as well as instruction in visual and performing arts.

Elementary School

Elementary School Student

The Elementary School program offers courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish as well as instruction in visual and performing arts. Additional classes include choice classes that include Outdoor Leadership, coding, and robotics.

Middle School

MIddle School Student

Academy boys in grades 6th through 8th will have expanded opportunities to build upon their critical thinking, social/emotional intelligence, and leadership skills that will help prepare them for high school and beyond. These final three years of their Academy career will be a time where their "bond of brotherhood" will be strengthened, forging friendships that often last a lifetime. 

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Signature Programs

Three decades of research shows that boys learn differently from girls. As an all-boys school, San Antonio Academy uses research on the unique strengths of the boy brain to create an environment and educational experience that best supports boy development. The Academy is a school where boys get to be boys while learning how to be compassionate leaders.

San Antonio Academy is a wonderful school for our son. The academic opportunities and staff are amazing! We couldn’t be happier with SAA and love their motto: “Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be."– Laura H. 

Bond of Brotherhood

The "Bond of Brotherhood" emcompasses all of the signature programs at SAA. An afterschool atmosphere where the boys play and interact together, the opportunities that arise during family-style lunches, and opportunities for the older boys to mentor our younger students, are all part of the unspoken traditions that make The Academy unique.

Academic News

See how our boys learn in an educational environment intentionally crafted for them.

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Gurian Institute Announcement

The Gurian Institute recently announced San Antonio Academy's re-certification as a "Gurian Model School." This means that SAA has been trained and adheres to the educational concepts the institute's founder, Michael Gurian, has established for same-sex education. Gurian’s approach is based upon three foundational concepts: (1) boys and girls learn differently; (2) nurture the nature; and (3) understand, monitor, and guide cultural influences.

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robotics US Open

San Antonio Academy's robotics team recently traveled to Iowa to showcase all their hard work and dedication at the highly competitive U.S. Open Robotics Competition held from March 18 to 20. The team is comprised of four SAA students: Merrit Nicewander (6th grade) and Evan Reyes, Alex Leal, and Sammy Arla (all 5th grade). Despite facing challenging opponents from across the globe, the boys demonstrated exceptional skill and resilience throughout the entire event.

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