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From Friday afternoon gummy worms to walking through the Bondurant Gate at Commencement, longstanding and deeply-rooted traditions keep the Bond of Brotherhood strong and connected among Academy boys of all ages.

Commencement - Crossing the Blue Line

 Our customs foster school pride and excitement, teamwork, boys of strong character, and a strong competitive spirit.

Established in 1886, The Academy embraces a rich tradition of over 130 years of school history. Our traditions have been a part of the school's fabric since its beginning, making this school unique to San Antonio and to Texas. Each generation has added a bit of flavor to an event or custom to make it a little different and relevant for the current school environment, yet upholding the customs and courtesies that keep it strong and continue to nurture boys of strong character.

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A Sample of Traditions We Celebrate at SAA

School Motto
Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be.®

School Colors
Blue and White

School Mascot
Mr. Wildcat

Bond of Brothers
The “Bond of Brothers” is built and reinforced by creating opportunities for older boys to mentor our younger students, building an esprit de corps that permeates our community and lives beyond our walls in and amongst our alumni.