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Primary School Life

There's so much to explore beyond the classroom for our youngest Academy boys!

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Primary School Key Experiences

primary school chapel


The school day begins each morning with Chapel. Primary School boys are walked from carpool drop-off to Chapel by an Upper School Safety Escort. They sit on the front benches of Ellison Hall to hear the daily uplifting messages that reinforce the four pillars of an Academy Boy: scholarship, leadership, integrity, brotherhood. 

primary school chapel

Building Leadership Skills

Primary School students are our "little guys in blue shorts."  They grow into the structure, community, and peer leadership of The Academy's school-wide Military Leadership Program through regular activities, such as wearing a modified school uniform, being recognized for positive achievements, and partnering with an older “buddy” student. 

buddy program

Buddy Mentorship Program

The Buddy Mentorship program enriches our school community as older boys nurture and develop the younger boys. Pre-K boys are paired with 5th graders, kindergarten boys are paired with 6th graders, and so on. Our hope is that the boys will form bonds with each other throughout their time at SAA. Pre-K through 2nd grade boys sit with their buddies at lunch, but there are also special events scheduled throughout the year, such as the 1st Grade Bike Race with their 7th grade buddies, and “Pals and Popsicles” at the end of the year with 2nd graders and 8th graders.

Afterschool WELL Program

After School

The Academy provides a wide array of after-school activities for our boys because these activities allow continued opportunity for growth and learning. Primary School students can attend the After-School Care program and/or extracurricular classes provided through the Wildcats Extended Learning and Leadership (WELL) program.

Primary School Field Day

Primary School Field Day

Decked out in team colors, Primary School boys head out to Frost Field for one of our favorite days of the year: Primary School Field Day! With relay races, hungry-hungry-hippo, ball toss, soccer, dodgeball, and everyone’s favorite - tug-of-war, it's the ultimate day of spirit, brotherhood, and competition for our boys.

Primary School Visits

Campus Visitors

Authors, illustrators, firefighters, TV weathermen, and animal advocates can all be found visiting our Primary School students throughout the school year to provide enriching academic experiences for our boys.