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Elementary School Life

New experiences and leadership opportunities are available to Elementary School boys as they gain a greater independence.

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Elementary School Key Experiences

Elementary Military Program

Leadership Education

Starting in 3rd grade, students are full members of our Military Leadership program. They participate in drill activities, earn rewards and consequences based on the merit/demerit system, and receive promotions in rank and responsibility. Recognizing the needs and abilities of younger students, Elementary School students focus on learning the basics of drill, being a member of a company, maintaining a proper uniform, and following orders. These basic skills lay a foundation for self-confidence and personal responsibility. 

becoming a buddy mentor

Becoming a Buddy Mentor

Starting in the 5th grade, students begin to take more of a leadership role by becoming a mentor to a Pre-Kindergarten buddy. Our hope is that the boys will form bonds with each other throughout their time at SAA. The boys sit with their buddies at lunch, and get together for special events throughout the year.

Alamo Honor Guard

Alamo Honor Guard

Beginning in the 5th grade, SAA boys have the distinct honor of symbolically guarding the shrine of Texas independence — the Alamo — during the Battle of Flowers Parade.

Read more about this worthy tradition.

safety patrol

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol program is staffed by 3rd-5th grade volunteers who help to direct younger students at morning drop-off.  The program allows boys the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership abilities. As school-age leaders, patrol members teach other students about safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They also serve as models for younger children, who look up to them. The program continues into Middle School when 6th graders transition to Safety Escorts.

robotics competition


In Elementary School, students can earn spots in certain school-wide competitions, such as the Spelling and Geography Bees. They are also able to join the afterschool SAA Robotics Teams, where they have the opportunity to further explore technology, coding, and design, and compete against other area private and public schools.

upper school field day

Upper School Field Day

Upper School Field Day at The Academy is always filled with teamwork, brotherhood, and spirit! Each company comes decked out from head to toe in their assigned color and competes in challenges such as the sack race, basketball, long jump, dodgeball, and everyone’s favorite: Tug-of-War. The winning companies are announced during Commencement.


5th grade retreat

Leadership Retreats

An important SAA rite of passage, students attend leadership retreats starting in the 5th grade. Retreats provide an opportunity for boys to gain confidence and for the class to build the team and foster esprit de corps while learning new leadership skills. 5th graders attend a day retreat held at T Bar M Camps.

Elementary School Chromebook


Starting in 3rd grade, students receive a school-issued Chromebook (a personal mobile device) to use both in the classroom and at home. From developing keyboarding skills to online research, Chromebooks allow students the chance to experience and sharpen their knowledge of how technology works, and how it can be used for everything from a simple homework assignment to collaborating with classmates on a group project.