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Campus Life

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Primary School Field Day

The Academy Experience Extends Beyond the Classroom Walls

Unique activities and traditions enrich each Academy Boy’s experience and provides further opportunities to gain leadership experience, to form bonds with one another, and to become fully engaged in school life. We eat our meals family-style. We address adults as Sir and Ma’am, stand when visitors enter a classroom, and greet visitors to campus. We live by our code: Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be.®

The Academy isn’t just a school – it’s a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime.

Joining Oath

Longstanding and deeply rooted traditions keep the Bond of Brotherhood strong.


Guidelines and resources for the school uniform.

health services - baseball players

Promoting the optimal health and wellness of Academy students.

lunchtime at SAA

During lunch each day, students sit down together for a family-style meal. It's a favorite time-honored tradition of Academy Boys, families, and staff.

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Life at SAA