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Competitive Sports

The San Antonio Academy athletics program gives Middle School (6th-8th grade) students the opportunity to participate in positive, school-sponsored athletic team.The student body takes advantage of this opportunity with more than 94% involvement. With football, basketball, cross-country, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track, baseball, and golf, students can play and gain skills in a variety of sports.

wildcat football run through
WELL Soccer Program

A competitive sports option is available after school to Primary School (Pre-Kindergarten-2nd grade) and Elementary School (3rd-5th grade) students through the Wildcat Extended Learning and Leadership program. For more information, please see the WELL page.

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Students are taught advanced individual and team skills and strategies so that they are prepared for high school competition. The goal is to reinforce the knowledge and values that every athlete needs to be successful:

  • Hard Work: Give 100% effort in every practice and game.
  • Sportsmanship: Play fair, win with humility, and lose with grace.
  • Teamwork: Place team goals ahead of personal interests; always support and encourage team members.
  • Respect: Treat with respect all officials, opponents, teammates, and coaches.
  • Appreciation: Be aware of and be thankful for God-given abilities and opportunities.
  • Knowledge and Preparation: Training for speed, strength, and agility.

SAA coaches will contact parents during the school year with information on how to register your son for athletic teams.

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