A Tribute in Remembrance of our brother, Academy Cadet, Tom Frost

“Every one of the teachers knew who you were and cared about you… San Antonio Academy was a wonderful place when I went there, but it’s even better now.” — Tom Frost, SAA Class of 1941; excerpt from a 2016 interview for the Blue & White Unite event video.

We honor and remember Tom C. Frost, SAA Class of 1941, an extraordinary philanthropist and business leader throughout San Antonio and South Texas. To San Antonio Academy, Tom was a friend, mentor, brother and a loyal alumnus.   

As a student, a young Tom was involved in several clubs and activities including Captain of Company “A”; Bluebonnet Staff; football and baseball, and Valedictorian. He was one of 13 men in the Frost family who attended San Antonio Academy, including his father, T.C. Frost Class of 1927, and his grandfather and great uncles, who were among the very first students at The Academy in the 1890s. 

Throughout his life, Tom remained connected to his alma mater and to the school in countless ways. He was recognized in 1982 as the Colonel W.T. Bondurant, Sr. Distinguished Humanitarian Award recipient for exemplifying the school’s most cherished values: honesty, respect, pride in achievement and service to others. Tom was honored again in 2008 as a Distinguished Alumnus. Tom served for over 25 years as chairman of SAA’s Advisory Council, attending every meeting, including this past April, where he tirelessly continued lending his knowledge and leadership.

“There would be no San Antonio Academy were it not for the extraordinary efforts of Tom Frost” says John Webster, former Head of School from 1985-2017. “His influence is everywhere at The Academy.  Beginning with a miracle loan in the early 80s and continuing with the sound principles of school leadership he vigilantly guided me throughout my 30+ year tenure, to his absolute emphasis on how ‘character counts and character endures’…  Tom Frost’s impact on SAA and me is inestimable.”

Tom Frost Class of 1941 Tribute