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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association serves as a means to bolster the alumni’s voice in the school, develop school leadership, help perpetuate the long-held values of the school, and provide avenues for alumni support of the school, always with the goals of strengthening the Bond of Brothers and providing the very best for our boys.

The Alumni Association, through its board, has the opportunity to positively impact the school and its future in many ways and help us to engage alumni into the life of The Academy. Any alumnus may nominate a fellow alumnus for the Board of Directors, and self-nominations are welcome. Nominations are accepted through April 12, 2024, with an election held from April 26 - May 6, 2024. To nominate a candidate, please complete the following Nomination Form.

All alumni are members of the Alumni Association and have the right to vote to elect the Alumni Association’s board which consists of 12-18 members, who themselves elect an Executive Committee. 

The purpose of the Association is:

  • to provide a means for alumni to further the mission of San Antonio Academy and serve as ambassadors for the school
  • to communicate relevant information about The Academy to members of the Association
  • to communicate to The Academy the views of the Association and its members
  • to promote alumni engagement in support of The Academy
  • to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship among alumni

Read Alumni Association Bylaws


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Alumni Association Board of Directors

John Amini '05
Van Beckwith '79
Tucker Biedenharn '04
Jonathan Cluck '72
Reeves Craig '97
Claiborne Gregory '59

Brandon Grossman '92
Maverick Noble '08
Sam Noble '79
Garrett Notzon '09

David Pavelka '84
Griffin Rubin '09

Matt Silva '02
Brian Steward '79
Pete Thompson '59
Kirby Turner '62
Jim Yancy '66
Will Yancy '05

The board has elected the following members for the Alumni Association Executive Committee:

Brian Steward - President
Matt Silva - Vice President for Social and Engagement Programs
Brandon Grossman - Vice President for Awards
John Amini - Vice President for Philanthropy
Will Yancy - Secretary

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Alumni Council

During spring 2022, the SAA Alumni Council was transitioned into the SAA Alumni Association. The Alumni Council served the school well for many years and helped engage alumni into the life of the school.

Thank you to these former Alumni Council Presidents for their service:

Brandon Grossman '92: 2017-2022
Adam Reed '99: 2015-2017
Miguel Dilley '95: 2014-2015
Jacob S. Leibowitz '99: 2012-2014
Javier F. Rocha '91: 2010-2012
George W. Bodden '84: 2009-2010
Brett L. Joiner '85: 2007-2009

Joseph E. Kellogg '92: 2006-2007
Brian C. Steward '79: 2005-2006
Christopher K. Carson '85: 2004-2005
George W. Bodden '84: 2003-2004
Christopher D. Galvan '90: 2002-2003
Charles Thiltgen '83: 2001-2002
Corbin Snow '77: 2000-2001

Steven Bull '70: 1999-2000
Jay Buzzini '77: 1998-1999
Sam Noble '79: 1997-1998
Jim Montgomery '67: 1996-1997
Jonathan Cluck '72: 1995-1996
Ted Walker '70: 1994-1995

Interested in getting involved with your Alumni Association? Contact Elizabeth Ford at