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Tuition & Fee Schedule

For the 2019-2020 school year.

Prekindergarten (Full day) $15,530.00
Prekindergarten (Mornings Only) $13,500.00
(2 Afternoons - Tues & Thurs) $14,000.00
(3 Afternoons - Mon, Wed, Fri) $14,500.00
(4 Afternoons) $15,000.00
Kindergarten $16,500.00
Grade 1 $19,500.00
Grade 2 $21,250.00
Grades 3-4 $22,000.00
Grades 5-6 $22,750.00
Grades 7-8 $24,470.00


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Tuition may be paid annually, semiannually or monthly (View: Payment Schedules). Families who pay on a semiannual or monthly basis will be required to subscribe to the Tuition Protection Program, which costs 2.5% of the annual tuition. Service charges apply to the semiannual and monthly payment plans as stated in the contract.
Tuition includes:
· Supply fee
· Textbook usage and workbook fee
· Educational materials fee
· Daily lunches

After-school Care:
After-school Care is provided for students in Prekindergarten through grade 2 until 5:30 PM for a daily rate of $30.00.  The annual plan is available for a charge of $1,600.00. For more information about the ASC Daily Plan and Charges, visit this page.