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The Tex Hill Scholarship Program

The Scholarship

San Antonio Academy proudly announces The Tex Hill Scholarship Program which seeks outstanding young men who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, citizenship and participation in activities and who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in the school community. The Scholarships provide tuition, leadership retreat fees, textbooks and a stipend for uniforms to two 5th grade boys who will attend San Antonio Academy during their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years. The three-year Tex Hill Scholarship is valued at more than $65,000 and will be awarded without respect to financial need.

Application Criteria

To be eligible to receive a Tex Hill Scholarship, each applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Enrollment Status

Applicants will be young men who are currently enrolled in the 5th grade.  Applications will be accepted from students new to San Antonio Academy and from boys currently enrolled at SAA.

  • Academic Performance

Applicants shall have at least a 90 average in all academic courses during their 4th and 5th grade years.

  • Citizenship

Applicants shall have a record of exemplary school-based citizenship.

  • Participation / Activities

Applicants shall have a proven record of consistent participation in extracurricular activities.

  • School Visit

Applicants new to SAA shall visit the school for one full school day during the weeks of: January 14-17, 2019; or January 22-24, 2019; or January 28-30 2019.

Parents new to SAA should visit during the Admissions Open House on January 18, 2019.

  • Required Parent Information Meeting

All parents whose sons currently attend SAA, and are interested in applying for the Scholarship, will meet on a date that is to be announced.


  • Eligible students who submit an application will be evaluated on the “whole person” concept.  Factors include academic standing, achievement, and test scores on a nationally normed test. Additional factors include teacher recommendations, school citizenship, and being a positive role model.

  • Each Tex Hill Scholarship application will be reviewed in January by the Tex Hill Application Committee.  This Committee consists of the Academic Dean, the Dean of Students and no fewer than eight SAA teachers. Each of these evaluations receives equal weighting.

  • The vote of The Tex Hill Application Committee, determines the four finalists.  

  • Each finalist will be interviewed by the members of The Tex Hill Scholarship Committee on February 19, 2019 (subject to change).  This Committee consists of two or more members of the community who are familiar with San Antonio Academy, but who do not work at SAA or have a child enrolled at SAA.  

  • The Tex Hill Scholarship Committee will select Scholarship recipients based on their overall record and on their interviews with the Tex Hill Scholarship Committee.

  • The Tex Hill Scholarship winners will be announced by February 25, 2019.

  • It should be noted that the selection process will be based, in part, on subjective judgments.

Application & Accompanying Data


  • Applications will be accepted from October 1, 2018 until the deadline, January 8, 2019.  Applications which are not complete and delivered to San Antonio Academy by 5:00PM on January 8, 2019 will not be considered.

  • Two one-page letters of application for The Tex Hill Scholarship Program will be required – one written by the 5th grade applicant and one written by the applicant’s parent(s) or legal guardian.  

  • The one-page letters should tell the Committees about the 5th grade boy who is making the application, including information about his academic and overall performance in school and his participation in extracurricular activities in the school, community or place of worship.  Applicants should describe one example of the applicant’s positive influence on his peers in these activities.

  • The parents or legal guardians of the applicant shall submit, along with the two letters of application, the final report card or transcript for the applicant’s 2017-2018 school year, the most current report card for the 5th grade year, the most recent record of standardized testing (e.g., Stanford Achievement Test, STAAR, etc.) and San Antonio Academy’s Tex Hill Scholarship Application.

  • A letter of recommendation is required from an adult (who is not a 5th grade teacher) with whom the applicant interacts in an extracurricular activity.

Please apply online or send applications to:

The San Antonio Academy Tex Hill Scholarship Committee
117 East French Place
San Antonio, Texas  78212

Apply Online Here!

Expectations at San Antonio Academy

  • The Tex Hill Scholarship winners must score a “B” average or higher in all courses, maintain a record of good conduct and participate in at least two extracurricular activities each year in order to maintain their scholarships.



For more information, please contact:
Mary Wilde, Director of Admissions  - Email: Mary Wilde/ Phone: (210) 733-7331 extension 204
Gary Marvin, Assistant Director of Admissions - Email: Gary Marvin/ Phone: (210) 733-7331 extension 226