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Need & Merit-Based Scholarships

San Antonio Academy’s Tuition Assistance PhilosophyThe Financial Aid Program is designed to provide outstanding, capable boys with an exceptional education and a foundation for life, regardless of their financial need; as well as to promote the development of an economically diverse population. Admissions decisions are made independently of financial need.

Need-Based Scholarships

Applying for Financial Aid
Our financial aid program is available to new and re-enrolling families with boys in grades from second through eighth grade. Each application for financial aid is reviewed in detail with the utmost confidentiality by the Financial Aid Committee. 
To request financial aid, parents are required to complete the online Parents’ Financial Statement, available through a third party provider called Schools and Student Services (SSS). The SSS application and required supporting financial documents are utilized to provide an objective picture of a family’s financial need. The online process assists the school in collecting the same data and information for all applicants. 
The Financial Aid Committee
The purpose of the Financial Aid Committee is to provide a guide for objective, consistent decision-making. The committee consists of the Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, and the Director of Admissions. Taking into account the monetary resources the school has available, the financial aid committee reviews the financial information with which they have been provided and determines the family’s need for financial assistance.
Marital Status and Financial Responsibility
In the case of a separation or divorce, in any form of shared custody, both parents are required to complete a financial aid application, unless otherwise stated by the divorce decree. In a two-parent household, the earning potential of both parents is considered when determining award amounts.
Delinquent accounts will be not be eligible for financial assistance. 
All aspects of tuition assistance are confidential between San Antonio Academy and the beneficiary. Tuition assistance is confidential and only members of the Financial Aid Committee have access to the records. If the recipient of Financial Aid does not honor the confidentiality agreement, SAA reserves the right to revoke financial aid.
Merit-Based Scholarships
San Antonio Academy offers two merit scholarships each year for incoming sixth grade boys. Students who receive a grant and are later awarded a merit scholarship, may have their financial aid revised to reflect the new financial aid agreement.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Tex Hill Scholarship Program which seeks outstanding young men who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, citizenship and participation in extracurricular activities and who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in the school community. The Scholarships provide tuition, leadership fees, textbooks and a stipend for uniforms to two fifth grade boys who will attend San Antonio Academy during their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years. The three-year Tex Hill Scholarship is valued at more than $70,000 and will be awarded without respect to financial need. Learn more.