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Uniform During Level 2 Learning

Dear SAA Families,
I’ve had a few questions regarding the uniform wear for the start of school and into the fall semester. I hope this message clears up questions you may have but please feel free to contact me if you have further inquiries. The Military Program Guide will be referenced in this message and can be found here
SAA Families can plan on the boys being in PE uniform for the start of school. As we move into the year, we may pivot on uniform wear depending on the challenges we face. Until further notice, our uniform schedule will be the
  • PE uniform Monday-Thursday and the Camo Uniform on Fridays.

We will monitor the situation, and parents and students will be notified well in advance before we transition to our Khaki uniform.
We are starting school in the P.E. uniform for several reasons.
  • Comfort and ease for the boys as we begin the school year.
  • Limitations for physical distancing while changing clothes.
  • We are experiencing manufacturing delays for certain uniforms items, namely the Khaki shirt (one size only) and Drill Blue Shirt (several sizes). Our uniform provider, Marlow White, is experiencing supply and tailoring challenges due to the impact of COVID-19. They anticipate being able to restock by mid-October to mid-November.
All boys will be expected to meet the uniform standard for the start of school. This includes boys who are at home attending class remotely. Our uniform expectations are noted in the Military Guide, page 18, and include:
  • Fresh haircut on the first day of school. Hair will be clean, combed, and worn to standards.
  • Wear uniform of the day. P.E and Camo uniform standards are found at page 19.
  • Uniforms will be neat, clean, with shirts tucked and worn to standards.
  • Shoes will be clean, laces tied, free of worn areas.
Other uniform matters to consider:
  • Outerwear may be worn with the P.E. uniform if the student is cold in the classroom:
    • See page 23 of the Military Program guide for outerwear direction.
    • Camo Pants with belt may be worn over P.E. shorts to keep legs warm.
  • At the moment we do not anticipate wearing the Drill or Dress Blue uniform for the fall, thus you may delay purchasing Drill & Dress Blue uniforms. This may change, as the situation develops, and parents and students will be informed well in advance to adjust.
  • New shoe for the Khaki Uniform beginning this year. See page 22 of Military Guide.
For questions regarding uniforms please review the Military Program Guide which can be found here. Uniform guidelines start on page 18. Expectations for general wear and grooming during COVID-19 will not waver.
As you know the faculty and staff have been working diligently to prepare for the beginning of school this fall. Our first priority is to provide an excellent educational experience while keeping everyone safe. We will strive to maintain our traditions and support our students' personal growth through this experience.