We are the Wildcats!

Military Program


Leadership Development

Boy standing at attention

Company Pride

Five boys in uniform walking with texas and american flag


Empower Teachers & Staff to make uniform corrections.
  • Focus attention to daily shoes, hair, missing items.

Encourage “Green Tabs” to model uniforms and teach peers.

All students will maintain uniform standards while on campus.

  • Includes after-school while playing on the field or court.

Addition of Outerwear for 2019-2020

  • SAA-branded hoodie (indoors and outdoors)
  • Solid-colored, cold weather coat bearing no logo larger than an inch (outdoors only)
  • Solid-colored, cold weather beanie bearing SAA-branded logo or no logo larger than an inch (outdoors only)

Leadership Development

Higher expectations for student leaders to TAC - Teach, Advise, and Coach

Start Weekly Commander Meetings

Develop "Leader Books" for key leaders

Develop "Mentor Program" for 3 - 8

  • 8th > 5th, 7th, > 4th , 6th > 3rd
  • Set goals at the beginning of the year
  • Follow up on goals in the spring

Develop Leadership Seminar Program

  • Guest Speakers

Company Pride

Regular competition between companies

  • Drill, academic and field day events
  • Build leaderboard 

Change Wednesday drill from focusing on 2 classes to 2 companies

Yell Practice


3 Pillars of Wisdom