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We are the Wildcats!

Private Middle School for Boys

Academy boys in grades 6th through 8th will have expanded opportunities to build upon their critical thinking, social/emotional intelligence, and leadership skills that will help prepare them for high school and beyond. These final three years of their Academy career will be a time where their "bond of brotherhood" will be strengthened, forging friendships that often last a lifetime. 

6th grade and kindergarten buddies

The program in the Middle School is arranged by departments to offer a planned sequence of courses. History, mathematics, language arts, and science courses are required to be taken in sequence. Students are provided a wide range of elective courses designed to enrich and focus on student interests. Fine arts and foreign language are available at every level as an elective or core class. Middle School students participate in physical education or athletic classes daily.
San Antonio Academy believes that the more a student is involved with his school, the more he will be connected and motivated in all areas of his academic life. SAA encourages students to participate in a wide range of school sponsored extracurricular activities and teams to build relationships with his school and peers.

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After-School Options

When school lets out at 3:30 PM, Middle School boys have the opportunity to attend Homework Club or school-sponsored competitive sports such as football, track, baseball, golf, wrestling, and more. Learn more about our robust athletics program.


military ball
8th grade performs shakespeare play
outdoor leadership fishing trip


I don’t think I really understood how amazing you are, nor realized how much of an impact you were making on me. You are a school like no other. With amazing teachers, ideals, and curriculum, you raised us all to be outstanding young men. -  8th Grader; Class of 2020.


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