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Required Health Documents


Dear SAA Parents,

The required health documents for the 2015-2016 school year include: (please click on links below to download)

  • An Asthma Medicine Plan completed for any student who has or may require respiratory medications daily or for seasonal use while at school

You are encouraged to schedule your son’s doctor appointment soon to assure that all documents are ready by August 3, 2015 for new students and August 17, 2015 for returning students. During your appointment with your son’s physician, please use the forms as an opportunity to discuss your son’s school health needs, including:

  • Follow up for referrals on screening deviations
  • Currency with immunizations (needs if noted, were included in prior mailing)
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication needs for school.
    These physician and parent-completed documents provide vital information to ensure that your son’s needs are understood. The accurate completion ensures that he will be safely attended in our Health Center or managed by emergency personnel in the event of an accident or illness.

If the health status of your child requires a conference, please call to share that information with me in the week preceding the start of school or make an appointment to see me. Back-To-School-Day (August 21, 2015) is sometimes hectic and my attention is pulled in many directions. I want to give you the privacy and personal attention necessary to help me understand the health needs of your son.

Medications to be dispensed during the course of the school day will be accepted in pharmacy-labeled packaging issued by your pharmacist. Please request from your physician a second unit to be kept at school. The directions for dispensing medications can be provided on the physician prescription note or on the Health Record. Please be sure to hand these directly to me.


Debbie Luna, R.N.

San Antonio Academy School Nurse

210-733-7331 X 207

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