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We are the Wildcats!

Private Elementary School for Boys

The Elementary School program builds on the foundation laid in the Primary School. Curriculum is created using an understanding of the developmental sequence of boys and teaching strategies proven to be beneficial for boys’ learning.

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The Elementary School program offers courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish as well as instruction in visual and performing arts. Additional classes include choice classes. A few of the choice classes include: Outdoor Leadership, coding, and robotics. Daily physical education fosters self-confidence and positive attitude through fitness and athletic skills. We start the day by attending Chapel where the whole school gathers to learn life lessons based on our school’s motto: Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be.  

The academic program in the Elementary School is reviewed on a continuous basis to make adjustments to pacing and scope based upon the individual student and whole class needs. Curriculum planning centers on the use of the 6 C’s of 21st Century Learning: Critical thinking; Communicating clearly; Collaborative work; Cultural awareness; Creativity development; and Connectivity through technology and interpersonal skills. 


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After-School Options

When school lets out at 3:30 PM, Elementary School students have the opportunity to attend Homework Club or extracurricular classes like fencing, robotics, cooking, and more through the WELL (Wildcat Extended Learning and Leadership). Additionally, competitive sports are now available through the San Antonio Christian Athletic League (SACAL) with practices held on campus.  Learn more about our after-school programming.