Wellness Program

The Wellness Program at SAA is school-wide, PK - 8th grade. It is designed to help shape character, integrity, social skills, and awareness. Many of the subjects taught are re-taught each year with added information that fits appropriate developmental stages. Our goal is to provide the boys with enough exposure and practice that when they graduate they have the skills they need for high school and beyond. 

PK - 2ND GRADE 2018-2019

Meets monthly with each class. Subjects are chosen in partnership with the teachers based on classroom observations and what would be most beneficial at the moment. The teachers will let you know what is being presented in the classroom monthly newsletters. 

3RD-8TH GRADE 2018-2019

Theresa Moore - Coordinator 

Speaker Series  

The 2018-19 Speaker Series Schedule will be posted soon

2017-18 Speakers/Topics Included:

Rise Recovery will give a presentation on "The Myths and Facts about Drugs and Alcohol" for 6th - 8th grade. 

Trudy Ludwig, Author and Speaker will present "Bullying Prevention: Healthy Peer Relationships" for K-8th grade. 

Donna McElroy, Board Certified Labor & Employment Law will present, "Social Media and Legal Implications" for 6th - 8th grade. 

Spring Health  & Wellness Fair 

Wellness Program Articles

On Bullying: Activities that Encourage Thought & Reflection

On January 8, first through eighth graders took part in various hands-on activities that really "stuck" with them. As part of SAA's Wellness Program, the topic of "Bullying" was addressed through age-appropriate lessons. 

Third graders teamed up fora toothpaste lesson where boys took turns squeezing out a tube of toothpaste and then tried to put the toothpaste back in its tube. The analogy was to demonstrate that once they have said or done something, that action is out in the world, and it cannot be taken back, just like the toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube. 

The next lesson incorporated glitter to show the boys in third through eighth grades how their actions stay with them and affect their reputation. During the activity, boys lined up  in two rows and took turns pouring handful of glitter into the hands of the person next to him until that same handful of glitter made it to the end of each row. The experiment was a tangible reminder that, just like the glitter sticking to their hands, it takes time to repair a reputation, and ultimately, how people will remember them. 

To leave a lasting impression, the "sticky note" activity combined the efforts of boys in first through eighth grade. Each grade level was encouraged to think about and then write down how they wanted to be remembered. The messages were then posted to form a sticky note wall, "How do YOU want to be Remembered?" and then displayed outside the main office as a reminder for the boys to live up to those words. 

"The whole lesson was to get the boys really thinking about their actions and how they affect their reputation and the people around them," says Jenny Ligon, SAA's Wellness and Guidance Director.