We are the Wildcats!

Wellness Program


The Wellness Program at SAA is schoolwide, Pre-K through 8th grade. It is designed to help shape character, integrity, social skills, and awareness. Many of the subjects taught are re-taught each year with added information that fits appropriate developmental stages. Our goal is to provide the boys with enough exposure and practice that when they graduate they have the skills they need for high school and beyond. 

Pre-K through 2ND GRADE 

Meets monthly with each class. Subjects are chosen in partnership with the teachers based on classroom observations and what would be most beneficial at the moment. The teachers will let you know what is being presented in the classroom monthly newsletters. 


Theresa Moore - Coordinator 


NEW PROGRAM: SAA is adding a component to our Wellness Program specifically designed to teach the social/emotional skills necessary for being a successful individual at any age. It is a pilot program to introduce our sixth graders to learning social/emotional skills while interacting with horses.