Rob Pluke - A Practical Guide to Navigating your Son's Emotions

Rob Pluke

A heartfelt thanks to the Parents Club Education Committee and the Womack Family Speaker Series for making Rob Pluke’s visit possible. And to the Upton’s, for graciously hosting the reception at their residence.  The events were a big success and well-attended.

Bio: Rob Pluke

Rob is a Counselling Psychologist, and he has been in private practice for over 18 years. Prior to that he was Senior Psychologist and Vice Principal at St. Christopher's, a school for children with long-term scholastic difficulties. Rob has also been a supervisor on the Psychology Master’s program at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.     

Rob has a special interest in child and adolescent mental health, and parenting. One of his passions is to help people grow through and within the ordinary encounters of family life. His PhD focused on the challenge of recognizing the other in the father-son relationship. Over the years, Rob has given numerous talks and presentations, and he has run several workshops, both for parents and educators. One of his more recent favorites is 'Courage to Connect' - a weekend long program designed to help fathers connect with their teenage sons and daughters.      

Rob enjoys working with schools. He is the consulting psychologist at three schools - Michaelhouse, St.Charles College, and Cordwalles Preparatory School. He also serves on the governing bodies of two local independent schools. Rob is the author of two books: 'Parenting the sensitive child' and 'A son to be proud of'. He has written several articles for parenting magazines, and, periodically, he produces material for Heartlines - a social change organization that encourages people to live out positive values. 

Rob is married and he is the father of three children.

“There is a sense of USness, a sense of belonging here,” references Rob Pluke as he observed SAA’s community during his presentation, ‘A Practical Guide to Navigating Your Son’s Emotions," on September 26th. In addition to sharing ideas and practical advice, Rob eloquently communicated thoughtful insight while answering numerous questions from audience members, and then later enjoyed some one-on-one conversation with them during his book signing. 

Rob is author of A Son to be Proud of  and Parenting the Sensitive Child.  He offers guidelines and practices in helping children handle the plethora of emotional situations they are faced with as they mature. His insightful and practical approach to helping our children is encouraging, supportive and informative.