Rob Pluke - A Practical Guide to Navigating your Son's Emotions

Rob Pluke

A heartfelt thanks to the Parents Club Education Committee and the Womack Family Speaker Series for making Rob Pluke’s visit possible. And to the Upton’s, for graciously hosting the reception at their residence.  The events were a big success and well-attended.

“There is a sense of USness, a sense of belonging here,” references Rob Pluke as he observed SAA’s community during his presentation, ‘A Practical Guide to Navigating Your Son’s Emotions," on September 26th. In addition to sharing ideas and practical advice, Rob eloquently communicated thoughtful insight while answering numerous questions from audience members, and then later enjoyed some one-on-one conversation with them during his book signing. 

Rob is author of A Son to be Proud of  and Parenting the Sensitive Child.  He offers guidelines and practices in helping children handle the plethora of emotional situations they are faced with as they mature. His insightful and practical approach to helping our children is encouraging, supportive and informative.