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We are the Wildcats!

Parents' Class

Every other Tuesday, beginning October 8th, 8:30 - 10:00 AM in Taylor Hall, Room #209 

Please refer to the Parents Club Calendar for scheduled dates


2019 Suggested Topics for Discussion

October 8: What is Social/Emotional Health?

October 22 - Speaker: Thelma Duffey, PhD “Bullying. The Difference Between Violence and Being Mean”

November 5: Open Discussion

November 19: Knowing yourself and your Parenting style.

December 3: Drugs/Alcohol/Vaping

December 17: Fantasy versus Reality


January 7: "Cyber Trends" - Jimmy Carter - Lawyer

January 21: Open Discussion

February 4:  "Suicide and Mental Health" - Jill Thurber, PhD

February 18: Open Discussion

March 3: Endings and Beginnings

March 24: Last Class - Open Discussion

Please join us if you are interested in participating in a community of parents who are curious and willing to look at some difficult questions in raising children.


This class is designed to provide continuity of information and relevant discussion over a nine month school year. Discussion is based on topic, curiosity and need. The goal is look at the information that is available and to compare and contrast the pros and cons as they apply to you as a parent and to your family. We are all individuals whose thoughts and feelings either compliment what we want for our children or fight our implementation of what we want for our children.

There is always lots of laughter and support in these classes. You do not have to be at every class to participate. We will not be taking attendance!