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We are the Wildcats!

Learning at The Academy

San Antonio Academy’s curriculum is driven by our mission to offer an exceptional education intentionally crafted for boys, grades pre-kindergarten through 8th. We do this through a culture built with our four core values: scholarship, leadership, integrity, and brotherhood. The mission and values are seen in everything we do at SAA, including our curricular program.  

San Antonio Academy Academics


SAA is Active Learning and Individualized Instruction 

Learning at San Antonio Academy is not a passive experience. In all grade levels and all subjects of the school, boys learn by doing rather than by just being told. Science and STEM includes many experiments, visual and performing arts are based upon production, math is more than manipulating numbers. It is about being able to apply concepts in real life. Language arts and history/social sciences are an exploration in understanding ourselves and others. Small classes allow teachers to support boys in areas that need improvement, while encouraging them to pursue their strengths.

Curriculum at The Academy is more than classroom learning. Students are offered a wide variety of academic, leadership, athletic, and enrichment offerings, ensuring that every boy experiences success and can thrive in his areas of strength and interest. everything we do is weighed against our vision: educating boys for life and preparing each young man to fulfill his noble purpose.

The following links will provide an overview of the academic curriculum at SAA. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Admissions Director, Gary Marvin. We look forward to hearing from you.



See how our boys learn in an environment intentionally crafted for them.