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SAA 3rd Grade Presents: A Day at The Museum 2024

SAA 3rd Grade Presents: A Day at The Museum 2024

Posted: April 12, 2024

San Antonio Academy's annual "Day at the Museum" event, held on Friday, April 12, took us on a journey through American history as our 3rd-grade students took center stage to portray significant historical figures.

2024 3rd grade day at the museum

In this Academy tradition, each student donned full costumes and assumed the roles of prominent figures from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. From intellectual geniuses like Albert Einstein to sports legends like Jesse Owens and television pioneers like Walt Disney, the stage came alive with a diverse array of historical characters.

2024 3rd grade day at the museum

Families, faculty, staff, and peers gathered to witness the performance as the boys took turns at center stage, presenting thoroughly researched facts about their chosen figures. The event was a testament to the boys' dedication, with weeks of research, memorization, and public speaking practice culminating in this memorable showcase of talent and knowledge.

2024 3rd grade day at the museum

A huge thank you to the dedicated 3rd-grade teachers, Terry Collier and Brandy Avilla-Morn, for putting together a fantastic performance. Furthermore, heartfelt gratitude is extended to Academy parents for their unwavering support, both in attending the event and in encouraging the boys throughout the preparation process.

View and download performance photos in the gallery below.


2024 3rd Grade Day at The Museum

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