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Historical Notes


During the first year of the school's existence, San Antonio Academy was the first private school in the state to be given full affiliation by the University of Texas.


The first game of modern football in San Antonio was played between The Academy and West Texas on March 10, 1894, resulting in a victory for San Antonio Academy's team of 11 with a score of 12 to 10. Franz C. Groos (Class of 1894) made the very first touch down in the first game for the San Antonio Academy football team. 


The realities of war were brought vividly home by the death of Louis Jordan, San Antonio Academy Class of 1911, former captain of the University of Texas football team. Louis was killed in action on March 5, 1918. He was the first Academy graduate to die in action and the first Texas officer to die in France. 

A Timeline of Major Events in Academy History