Introducing & Accessing LMS Primary School
San Antonio Academy is introducing the debut of FACTS LMS (Learning Management System). The LMS is a private and secure student area that will allow us to provide online learning videos, materials, and assignments for our Primary School students. If you have any issues logging in to the LMS, please contact for assistance.
To access the LMS for Primary School Students (Pre-K - Grade 2):
  1. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer go to 
  2. Type the district code: SAA-TX
  3. Type the student’s username
  4. Type the student's password
  5. Click Login
Once logged in, you can access your son’s lessons and assignments through the dashboard or through the monthly calendar (recommended method). 
To access the monthly calendar:
1.  Click on the collapsed menu icon in the upper left corner:
2. Click on Calendar.
3. Click on each individual assignment to view and complete. (Students should complete all language arts and mathematics lessons.  Additional classes have posted activities as well to be used at the discretion of parents at this time.  Those assignments will be notated as “optional.”)
We look forward to connecting with you and your son through this additional platform. Please contact your son’s classroom teacher if you have any further questions.

Click here to download a PDF version.