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Ford Allen Crowned Reigning Champ of SAA’s 2022 Geography Bee

10 Upper School Academy students faced off in an intense battle of geographic know-how for the annual San Antonio Academy Geography Bee. After six rounds of questions that challenged the boys’ knowledge of continents, countries, capitals, and bodies of water, 5th grader Ford Allen was declared reigning champion of the Bee. Allen outlasted his opponents and fellow championship-round contestant, Laurence Weaver, to declare this as his second Geography Bee victory in a row.

The final question in the final round: National Geographic Explorer Ricardo Moreno studies jaguars and human-jaguar conflict in places like Darien National Park, the largest National Park in which Central American Country? Allen had the correct answer: Panama.

SAA 2022 Geography Bee Winner

The Geography Bee was facilitated by SAA’s beloved, long-time history teacher and honorary alumnus, Barry Bradley. Special thanks to the judges, SAA 4th grade history and math teacher, Debbie Oblitas, and former SAA geography teachers, Kathryn Dehlinger and Laura Douglass.

Prior class competitions among the 3rd through 8th grade boys determined who would be in the competition, which was held after chapel on Wednesday, January 12. 

2022 SAA Geography Bee Contestants


  • Oliver Johnson (8th grade)
  • Asher Warden (6th grade)
  • Laurence Weaver (7th grade) - Runner-Up
  • Boone Peeler (8th grade)
  • Eli Espy (6th grade)
  • Ben Crawford (8th grade)
  • Ford Allen (5th grade) - Champion
  • Joshua Carrillo (4th grade)
  • Beau Bregman (8th grade)
  • David Donaldson (7th grade)
SAA 2022 Geobee Finalists