SAA Teacher Awarded AATSP Study Abroad Scholarship

Natalie Bock will travel to Spain for the "True Spanish Experience"

This July, San Antonio Academy faculty member, Natalie Bock, will embark on a two-week course of advanced academic study in the historic and picturesque city of Cuenca, Spain.

According to AATSP Director of Operations, Dieter A. Waldvogel, Ph.D., Señora Bock’s ‘outstanding application package’ made her the top select for this coveted scholarship.

The program, called “The True Spanish Experience” consists of advanced language classes for Spanish teachers each morning, followed by afternoons of “experiencias”, extra-curricular activities that engage the participants in the ins and outs of daily life in Cuenca: Art, Business, Nature, Sports, and Volunteer Work.

“This will be my very first trip to Spain (in fact, to mainland Europe!) so I’m both excited and nervous. It will be the perfect opportunity for me to bring my own mastery of the language and familiarity with the Spanish culture to the next level. I look forward to being able to share with our middle school boys all that I will have learned from my first-hand experiences in the exciting motherland of the Spanish tongue.” 

The scholarship includes school tuition and accommodations in an individual room in a shared apartment, compliments of TSE, plus a $1000 travel reimbursement from the AATSP to cover airfare, transportation and meals.

Natalie was also selected as a finalist for a summer scholarship to Madrid offered by the National Spanish Examinations organization, when she simultaneously learned that she had actually won the AATSP scholarship to Cuenca. “The length and nature of the Cuenca program suits me perfectly,” she says, adding, “so I graciously bowed out of the running with NSE and wholeheartedly accepted AATSP’s offer to study for two weeks in July in the beautiful city of Cuenca.”

Pictured: Natalie visiting Machu Picchu, Peru.