I am proud of our graduates.
They have faced true adversity this year; however, their character has shown through during this difficult time. They will be stronger for what they have endured. 

Our graduates now have an even better understanding of why we talk about the importance of courage, determination, and resilience in chapel every morning. They have experienced the true meaning of teamwork and perseverance, and have demonstrated the values of service leadership and hard work.

They will not forget what they have experienced throughout all their years at SAA: the strong Bond of Brotherhood, making life-long memories, and the knowledge they have gained from their teachers and coaches. During this spring, perhaps they have gained a greater appreciation for family, health and the outdoors.

On May 22, the 8th Grade Class of 2020 will officially become the 134th graduating class of San Antonio Academy. 

Join us on that day in celebrating these boys, and all of the boys of SAA.
Clint DuBose
Head of School


Alumni Words of Wisdom

SAA's Bond of Brothers remains strong through adversity. We've asked our alumni to share words of hope and wisdom that can comfort and guide our 8th graders as they put recent events into perspective and navigate these uncharted waters. On behalf of the San Antonio Alumni Association, Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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