Silver Linings in the Cloud

Part I from the new blog series "We're in this Together"

“I am grateful for the much slower pace of life right now. Conversations aren't rushed and can be had in person. School is done when it's done -- homework doesn't occupy additional evening hours. We're not running from activity to activity to activity, or worrying about who can collect a child or grab a pet or who needs to miss a meeting because of an appointment. I am grateful for the reduction of chaos; I am grateful for truly being present in the lives of the people I care about.” - 7th Grade Parent
For so many of us, the afternoon schedules were packed. Like NASCAR drivers lined up for the start of a race, once 3:30 hit, we revved our engines and off we went into never-ending laps--pick-up, drop-off, repeat. And on those good days where all the stars aligned just right, our children would arrive at practices and lessons with all of their necessary materials intact. And maybe, just maybe, we would have 30 minutes available for a shared family meal to discuss our day.
Our repetitive daytime schedules would overwhelm us. By the end of each day, even bedtime routines became a mere blur before our heads hit the pillow for a quick night’s sleep only to wake and do it again. As we lived our lives in fast forward, we lamented that our children (and grandchildren) were growing too quickly. 
Then, almost what seemed like a split second, we hit the brakes and have parked our race cars. We are now moving at a different pace.   
Over these past five weeks, there’s no doubt we have experienced moments we would be happy to get back on that fast track. But what if we used this time to look for silver linings in this COVID cloud?
When we asked our SAA families, “What are things that you have newfound gratitude for?” your answers were nothing short of insightful and inspirational. Below are excerpts from your bits of gratitude you shared, and for that, we are grateful.

In the words of Brene Brown, “It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful.”

Here are additional resources that we are grateful for: 
Practicing Gratitude: Ways to Improve Positivity

Jennifer Colglazier; Admissions Assistant; Uniform Store Director; Former SAA Teacher. She is the mother of a teenage daughter, and as a son, who is an Academy 6th graders. 
Charlotte Turlington is SAA's Primary School Advisor. She has two daughters; a six-year-old and a one-year-old.
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