Letters from the Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 was given the writing prompt of “What will you take from your time at SAA?” Their words were used to create this beautifully written letter to The Academy. As you will read, these boys are graduating from “a school like none other.”
Dear San Antonio Academy,
"As I anticipate my graduation with the Class of 2020 and celebrate our cherished years with you, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible experiences I have had under your oak trees, amidst four-square games, in your halls, and among, well, family. Throughout my time with you, I don’t think I really understood how amazing you are, nor realized how much of an impact you were making on me. You are a school like no other. With amazing teachers, ideals, and curriculum, you raised us all to be outstanding young men." 

"You inculcated me, to be honest, to be kind, and to be the best I can be. I heard these words daily.  And though simple, over time I would learn these words to live by would help shape me, and guide me. I learned that if you are honest with others, they are forthright, if you are kind, others will be kind to you, and if you are the best you can be, you will receive theirs in return. You gave me your best SAA, and I am grateful."

"You taught me to run my race with determination, to persist even when new experiences brought challenges. I think of football games. It might not have seemed like it to the onlooker, but the nerves as I anticipated charging the field were astronomical, but being put into the game from the sidelines, and performing well was the best feeling in the world. I remember the Shakespeare play with fondness, but learning lines was excruciating! Though now I understand that in the toughest times, a little grit will help you persevere."
"During my years with you, I learned so much about myself. You helped to shape my concept of leadership. By your example, I learned when to lead and when to follow. I learned how a good leader operates. I will use these lessons for the rest of my life."
"You gifted me with teachers - true educators who provided meaningful years, by enhancing learning to be widely available to everyone no matter which way we learned best. I am amazed at the amount of time the teachers spent helping students who were struggling. They arrived early and stayed late. Knowing the teachers were always there for me brought comfort. Every teacher pushed me to be the best version of myself."
"You gave me a community. A small community where everybody knew each other allowing us to make strong connections. As I progressed through the grades, I figured out that not only was I looking up to my big buddies but my little buddies were looking up to me. And those relationships with younger and older boys uncovered the significant importance of caring for others, friendship, and kindness."
"Finally, San Antonio Academy, you gave me brothers. Because of you, I have made some of the best friends I have ever had. The more time I have spent with them, the more I realize we look out for each other. During tough times, I had friends who truly cared. You’ve taught me to value our brotherhood, and best of all, how to be a good friend."
"You gave me meal times, and campouts, concerts, and plays. You showed me how to take care of the details, and you let me run and play. You held me accountable, and you gave me grace. You told me “carpe diem,” means seize the day, and you encouraged me to take each day and make the best of it. You held my future delicately in your hands because you knew you were a part of it. You cherished my boyhood while teaching me how to be a good man. And every day, you told me you were proud of me."
"I will never forget all that you have taught me, some of which I hadn’t really planned to learn at all."
See you soon SAA.
With love and gratitude,
Your 2020 Graduate


Jennifer Colglazier is SAA's Admissions Assistant and Uniform Store Director; Former SAA Teacher. She is the mother of a teenage daughter, and has a son, who is an Academy 6th grader. 
Charlotte Turlington is SAA's Primary School Advisor. She has two daughters; a six-year-old and a one-year-old.

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