Everything A Boy Needs to Know He Can Learn at the Tour de L’Academy

One of the most beloved, time-honored traditions here at SAA is the 1st grade Tour de L’Academy Bike Race, a unique experience inspired by the Tour de’ France that has impacted well-over 600 young Academy boys since its inception in 1989.

I remember witnessing my first Tour de L’Academy back in April 2002. At that time, the front field was a grassy plot of land that allowed for the Bike Race to be held on campus for the entire student body to experience. As my Pre-K boys paraded behind me towards Frost Field on that spring day, I was filled with emotions of excitement and curiosity. My co-teacher and I gathered in the spectator area with our classes and were intrigued by the inner-workings of time trials and preliminary races. I couldn’t help but cheer as the participants rounded the corner each time towards the finish line. Then, at the conclusion of the race, I stood in awe as the entire school community bolted onto the field, not only celebrating the Bike Race champion, but ALL of the first grade participants. At that moment, I couldn’t wait for my own first-born son, who was just a newborn baby at the time, to one day become a part of this cherished tradition.

Although the race has morphed over the years (time trials have been replaced with brackets, and the race has moved to an off-campus field due to the installation of the turf), one thing hasn’t changed: the Bonds of Brotherhood that is reinforced.

The Tour de L’Academy truly encompasses the mission and culture of San Antonio Academy. It is where our motto: “Be honest. Be kind. Be the best you can be.” is practiced from start to finish. It is where learning opportunities abound.

Everything A Boy Needs to Know He Can Learn at the Tour de L’Academy
  • Hard work and practice are needed in order to succeed. (Drive past the racecourse on any given Sunday in October, and you’ll likely find a first grader there putting in a little extra practice time.)
  • Fears can be overcome - especially with the love and support of family and friends.
  • Everyone is different and develops at different times. Those differences do not define you. (Training wheels are a natural part of that development.)
  • Just keep pedaling - even if the toughest of times.
  • Falls are sometimes inevitable. Get back up and keep going.
  • Someone is always there to lend you a helping hand. (Thank you 7th graders for being our helping hands!)
  • Sadness and disappointment are real-life emotions.
  • Even in sadness and disappointment, we can celebrate the success of others.
  • Fellowship - and food - bring us all back together!
VIDEO - Watch the Bond of Brotherhood in Action:

Tanya Weis, Primary School Director, 1st Grade teacher

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