Connected as Community
“Build moments in the day to spend time with your kids who are at home…talk to them and listen to them. Really listen. Look at this time as a gift.”  - Jennifer Colglazier

The spirit of community was never more evident at San Antonio Academy than the early months we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the blink of an eye, our school – and the world – faced a health crisis of epic proportion. And like the rest of our nation, SAA found itself teaching our students remotely. Days turned into weeks; weeks turned into months as our hopes faded that we would come together to close out the school year in-person. The school’s mission was now to focus our attention on staying connected to our Academy Family and to document these unprecedented moments that would go down in SAA history. 

To do that, the school set out to strengthen and build upon our online community by depending on SAA parents to share their home-bound experiences. Answering the call, photos and videos poured in from our families giving us a personal glimpse into how they were navigating this new day-to-day reality. This “user-generated” content was published in a variety of ways, from morning chapel talks and social media, to a blog series and The Academy’s weekly newsletter, the “WAG.”

Through it all, we learned a lot about our students. We learned that boys were still learning. Boys were still connecting to their classmates, teachers, and coaches. Boys were learning how to slow down and better connect with their families. And ultimately, those connections brought us all closer together as a community. 

Article from the Bond of Brothers magazine, 2020.

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