Are we there yet? We have a long road ahead of us…

Today was the first day of Distance Learning and I feel like we have already been at it for months. It doesn’t help that we have already been out of school for 2 VERY LONG weeks. Between preparing for Distance Learning at school and juggling kids at home, it has not been easy…for anyone. It’s hard on us, our spouses, our kids…this new normal is not a normal that I would like to experience long term. 

So…how are we going to get through it? In the words of Elsa, (we have watched both Frozen 1 and 2 at my house more times than I care to admit in the last week), “Let it go.” I am going to try my best, but I am also not going to beat myself up if we have a day, or several, less than perfect days. I watched this video from Dr. Tina Payne Bryson yesterday. Her messages help me a lot, but this one really hit home. She tells us to be kind to ourselves, to not focus on being the perfect parent, but to just show up for our kids during this crazy time in life.

Another practice that carries me through hard times is placing my focus on gratitude. Mr. DuBose’s Tuesday "Chapel Talk" this week included our need to have an “attitude of gratitude.” When I look for something I am doing well, or my girls are doing well, it helps me see the many areas of my life for which I am grateful. I can easily get lost in my thoughts of the “what ifs” and fear. Stephen King has nothing on me. I, too, could create thrillers! When I am able to bring my thoughts to the moment, gratitude is much easier to see. Remember to breathe deeply and look for the gratitude in times of feeling overwhelmed and uneasy.

Here is my current list of things I am grateful for:

1. My family is healthy and (usually) happy. 
2. We have plenty to eat with ways to get more when we need to. 
3. We have internet capabilities to be able to experience Distance Learning. 
4. We have amazing teachers who have gone above and beyond to tackle these uncharted territories of eLearning. 
5. I have family and friends to vent to, albeit via phone or Zoom. 
6. My husband and I both remain employed during this uncertain time. 
7. I know in my heart that this is NOT forever. It’s just for now.

We will get through this time together. Even through the emotionally raw times, you are not alone. I have certainly experienced some of these raw times myself this past week. Be gentle and allow some grace for yourself and those you are with today.

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Charlotte Turlington is SAA's Primary School Advisor. She has a two daughters; a six-year and one-year-old.
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