A Batty Curriculum

Stealthy nocturnal creatures zip and flap around our San Antonio skies every night. Most of us aren’t even aware of them. These super heroes of the night are devouring pesky insects and pollinating many night blooming plants. As the only mammal capable of true powered flight they use sophisticated echolocation to navigate their way through caves, under bridges, around buildings and trees without hesitation. These amazing animals are well worth our attention and respect! 

Just ask any 4th grader and he can tell you all about bats. While learning about animals and their unique adaptations, each year, fourth graders research a bat species and write a short report in addition to creating a model of their bat. Every November you can see their “bat cave” hanging from the Taylor Hall front entryway.



Cathy Baumgardner, 4th Grade Science, Robotics Program Coordinator
Contact: cbaumgardner@sa-academy.org

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