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We are the Wildcats!

San Antonio Academy Trustee Responsibilities 

1. Act as advocates and ambassadors for the school to its various constituencies and throughout the community.

2. Serve as stewards of the ideals expressed in the school's mission.

3. Come to Board and committee meetings well-prepared, stay for the entire meeting
and respect the confidentiality of sensitive issues and individual trustee opinions.

4. Monitor hard data to keep abreast of enrollment, budget and the Strategic Plan.

5. Accept the Board's obligation to ensure sufficient financial resources to meet
SAA's immediate needs and future goals so that the school can carry out its

6. Assist with fundraising and make personal contributions according to ability.

7. Focus on the broad issues of mission, policy, planning, budgets and funding and
assess the long-range impact of Board decisions. Determine what is best, long
term, for the school.

8. Advise the chairman or head of school of serious concerns or issues raised by the
School’s constituencies.

9. Assist in identifying candidates for trustee and committee positions.

10. Attend a reasonable number of school functions and visit the school on a regular